Hookit Score ™

How It Works

The Hookit Score ranges from 1 – 10,000 based on your experience level. We pull in billions of data points monthly while our algorithms generate your Hookit Score.

The Hookit Score Dissected

The Hookit Score is the first-ever, verified scoring engine for athletes at every level. It's the new standard for brands to compare athletes' activity, value and impact based on three main criteria:


How often you do your sport and where you go. How "serious" are you.

Share how active you are in your sport. Every time you 'session', post it from the Hookit website so it's instantly verified.


Your results from competitions. How "good" are you.

Competition results provided by the event promoters or organizers are automatically verified and earn higher scores.


Your overall social media presence. How much "influence" you have.

Connect your social accounts. Your followers, new followers, likes, comments and interactions are all counted towards this part of your score.